Smashing Balls Golf and Fitness

Smashing Balls Class

Golf Made Fun

Improve your training with biofeedback using the K-Vest

Biofeedback training accelerates your learning!

Chipping near the green

Learning to get the ball onto the green effectively

Frisbee Fun

Tossing the frisbee to targets


Taking a walk to see the golf course and fairway

You are your biggest asset to learning golf.

Warm Up The Body

Treat your body right and you will be rewarded on the golf course. Proper warm up is the key to safe and injury free golfing.

Deep Squats

The glutes are King in the golf swing. Learn how to get them in tip top shape.

The Scorecard

Learning the details of the scorecard
The equipment companies would like us to think that you can simply buy a game. The golf industry is littered with gadgets and gimmicks for increasing accuracy and shot distance. What equipment companies don't want you to do is compare their equipment improvements to a basic golf fitness program. We have a money back guarantee!!!
Golf is about fundamentals (grip, aim and alignment and your posture. Do not leave out the fundamentals of your body, mobility, stability, flexibility and balance. Smashing balls will get you to your full potential.