Dr. Debra Pentz is the owner of a medical practice in Arizona.  She has extensive training from the Titleist Performance Institute related to golfer fitness.

Peggy Briggs has been an LPGA Teaching Professional since 1998.  Peggy is well connected in the LPGA, PGA, Arizona Women’s Golf Association and the Junior Golf Association of Arizona.

Debra and Peggy presented a series of seminars for Humana, and they are also part of the Arizona Women’s Golf Performance Team presenting workshops on golf fitness and performance.

Debra and Peggy are passionate about golf and helping you hit the ball farther.  The Smashing Balls Fitness Program will add years to your golfing life.  They use state of the art 3D technology to train your body to move efficiently and safely.

Debra and Peggy are now authors of “Smashing Balls, Golf Opening Doors for Women”. Their book will soon be released on Amazon. Be sure to fill out the form on this page to get notification of its release.

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