Welcome to the Game of Lifetime Friendships

Dr Debra Pentz spent 15 years in the corporate world where she discovered golf proved to be more valuable than a Master's Degree in cultivating business relationships and possibilities for advancement. Dr. Pentz is an expert in getting people physically prepared to learn golf. She is co-author of “Smashing Balls Golf, Opening Doors for Women.”  This book gives a blueprint of how to get started in golf. She is passionate about sharing how golf can empower women, provide more visibility and opportunities for leadership in the workplace.


Peggy Briggs, LPGA grew up in the Midwest, Iowa and Wisconsin.  She participated in many sports growing up in a family
of 6.  Peggy learned to golf as an adult.  She joined the LPGA in 1997.  She played 2 years on the Players West Mini Tour before achieving her Class A.   She soon learned teaching was what she loved best. She loves bringing people into the game of golf and keeping people passionate about playing golf and developing their skills. She co-authored “Smashing Balls, Golf Opening Doors for Women”.