Golfer Assessment and Fitness

Our first step is to assess each of the golfers. Take the time to do this simple functional movement skills test. The golf swing requires balance, stability, mobility and coordination. Once we see that our students can perform these movements, the golf swing skills become much easier.

The assessment videos show you how to perform the movement. The exercise videos show you a few exercises you can do to improve these skills. There are an unlimited amount of ideas, ours are just a few you can start with. A great resource is Titleist Performance Institute:


Exercises to Improve our Limitations

Staying centered and balanced is important in the golf swing. If we lose our balance during the swing, we sacrifice power and shots are usually offline. These are just three of many exercises one can do to improve their balance.

The ability to keep one part of the body still while moving another part of the body. This is important in the golf swing because we need to stabilize (and keep our balance) our lower     body while we swing the golf club in the back swing. Some muscular strength and endurance is necessary

The dictionary states that coordination is the ability to move different parts of the body smoothly and efficiently. If you move from one foot to the other, this requires balance and coordination. Moving a golf club from a stationary position to a movement requires coordination..

The combination of normal joint range of motion and proper muscular flexibility. This combination is a must-have for proper mechanics as well as injury prevention. Mobility gives the body the ability to perform any motion - without having to sacrifice stability!

The following videos are just a few of many exercises we can do to improve our limitations which may be causing us to have problems in our golf swing. Try them out for 6 weeks and see how your golf swing can improve.