Developing a Well Rounded Golf Team

Girls and Boys golf teams don't always show up at your school. As a golf coach we need to nurture and build a program that develops a well rounded athlete that will enjoy and excel in golf. In order for this to happen you need a solid plan to grow your program. Golf isn't just golfing, but learning skills that will translate into other sports and life. Students need to be physically prepared to golf, learn the valuable skills that make golf fun and competitive and finally develop good sound mental skills.

The forms below allow you to assess your students' fitness, skills and course management. There are videos that show how to complete the assessments and fitness exercises to better guide your students to compete confidently. There are basic videos of the fundamentals of the golf swing. Many students are not taking private instruction, so you will need to be able to understand the fundamentals yourself.

Use this coaches guide as a lesson plan to build your golf program successfully.



Physical Assessment Form

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Short Game Assessment Blank Form

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Keeping Stats

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