Debra and Peggy have contributed articles to various golf publications, including the AWGA (Arizona Women’s Golf Association).  Golf can be difficult, and these articles highlight simple ways to improve golf and life skills.

This collection of articles has something everyone – from  delicate skills - putting and chipping - to the power and accuracy of driving.  The articles tackle physical preparedness.  Doing the physical groundwork allows you to improve your skills more efficiently.  And, you are much less likely to suffer an injury.

Young and old golfers can benefit from learning movement patterns that create safe, effective and efficient movement patterns related to the golf swing.


4 Weeks to a Super Golf Game
Choosing a Golf Professional for your Coach
Warm Up Versus Practice
Silent Auction Saves Woman

Healthy Swings

Power 1: Generating Power from the Ground Up
Power 2: Generating Power in Your Golf Swing
Low Back Pain 1: Stop Stretching Your Back!
Low Back Pain 2: Buns of Steel
Muscle Engagement: Secrets of the LPGA

Swing Challenges

Hanging Back: Eliminate Hanging Back for Better Contact
Loss of Posture: Shoulders and the Golf Swing
Posture: Proper Posture Allows Better Movement
Early Releasing: Check those Wrists
Timing: Balance for Better Timing


Warm Up
Pre-Shot Routine
Chipping Posture: Shoulders and the Golf Swing